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3G Third Generation mobile networks

ACES Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space
ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System
AMPS American Mobile Phone System
AOA Angle of Arrival
AIS Automatic Identification System (scheepvaart)
ARCC Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre
AS Atmospheric Sounding
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCS Advanced Train Control System
ATM Air Traffic Management
ATS Air traffic Services

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C Convenience factors
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAIM Craft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
CAS-1 Control Access Service GALILEO ILEO, new name: 'Commercial Service'
CAS-2 Control Access Service GALILEO ILEO, new name: 'Public Service'
Chayka A radionavigation system, similar to Loran-C, operated by the Government of the Russian Federation
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCTF Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency
CDMA Code Domain Multiple Access
CEP Circular Error Probable
CORS Continuously Operating Reference Station
CPU Central Processing Unit

DAB Digital Broadcast
DECCA Navigator A low frequency hyperbolic radionavigation system based on phase comparison techniques, phased out early 2000.
DECT Digital European Cordless Telephone
DGPS Differential GPS on radiobeacons
DGNSS Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DORIS Doppler Orbitography & Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite
DR Dead Reckoning
DRMS Distance Root Mean Square
DTOA Difference in Time Of Arrival of events in two signals

EC European Commission
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display
ECS Emergency Call Services
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
EMRF European Maritime Radionavigation Forum
ENC European Navigation Conference
EOIG EGNOS Operator and Infrastructure Group
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
ERTMS European Railways Train Management System
ERNP European Radionavigation Plan(ning)
ESA European Space Agengy
ESTB EGNOS System Test Bed
ETCS European Train Control System
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EU European Union
EUGIN European Group of Institutes of Navigation
EUROFIX European Differential LORAN-C service in development

FAA Federal Aviation Authority
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
FM Frequency Modulation
FMS Flight Monitoring System
FOC Full Operational Capability
FRP Federal Radionavigation Plan (USA)

GADEROS Galileo Demonstrator for Railway Operation System
GALILEO ILEO Future Global Navigation Satellite System in development by EU, category GNSS-2
GATS General Agreement on Trade of Services
GAUSS (initiative) Global Augmentation on Satellite Systems
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System
GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision
GIS Geographic Information System
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System, operated by the Government of the Russian Federation 
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMPCS Global Mobile Personal Communications Service
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GNSS-1 Global Navigation Satellite System, based on augmentation of GPS and GLONASS in development by the EU (EGNOS), US (WAAS) and Japan (MSAS)
GNSS-2 Future generation Global Navigation Satellite System, in development by the EU (GALILEO ILEO), modernised by US (GPS) and RF (GLONASS)
G&NC Guidance & Navigation Control
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS Global Positioning System operated by the Government of the USA
GSM Global System for Mobile Communication

HSC High Speed Craft
HDOP Horizontal Dilution of Precision

IALA High Speed Craft
IAMSAR Joint Maritime and Aeronautical Manual on Search and Rescue
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ID Identity
IGS International Geodetic Society
IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
ILA International Loran Association
ILS Instrument Landing System
IMO International Maritime Organisation
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite organization, provider GEO-satellites
INS Inertial Navigation Sensors, also Inertial Navigation Systems
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IPCN Integration of Personal Communications and Personal Navigation
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IRIS Intercontinental Retrieval of Information via Satellite
ISO International Standardisation Organisation
ISS International Space Station
ITRF International Reference Frame
ITU International Telecommunication Union

JRCC Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre (maritime and aeronautical)
JU Joint Undertaking

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LAAS Local Area Augmentation System
LADGNSS Local Area Differential GNSS
LBS Location Based Services
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LORAN-C A low frequency hyperbolic radionavigation system based on measurements of TOA or DTOA of events in pulsed signals
LUT Local User Terminal

MCS Master Control Station
MDB Marginally Detectable Bias
MDE Marginally Detectable Error
MEO Medium Earth Orbit
MIS Management Information System
MLS Microwave Landing System
MOPS Minimum Operational Performance Standards
MRCC Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre
MSAS MTSAT Satellite Augmentation System developed by the Government of Japan.
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTBR Mean Time Between Repair
MTSAT Multi-functional Transport SATellite
MSC Maritime Safety Committee IMO

NASA North American Space Agency
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NAV Sub-Committee on Safety on Navigation of IMO-MSC
NAVAREA Navigation Area
NELS North European LORAN-C Service, intergovernmental treaty
NSE Navigation System Error

OAS Open Access Service GALILEO ILEO, new name: 'General Service'
OCCAR Organisation Conjointe de Coopération matière dármement

PDOP Position Dilution of Precision
PLB Personal Locator Beacon
POD Precise Orbit Determination
PRC Pseudo Range Correction
PSDN Public Switched Digital Network
PV&T Position Velocity and Timing
PZ-90 Geodetic System used in GLONASS

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RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RCC Rescue Co-ordination Centre
RDS Radio Data System
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RMS Root Mean Square error
RNP Radio Navigation Parameter
RNSS Radio Navigation Satellite Services
RTK Real Time Kinematic (precision DGPS)

SA Selective Availability
SD Selective Denial
SAR Search and Rescue
SARPs Standards and Recommended Practices (ICAO)
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SATNAV Satellite Navigation
SBAS Satellite Based Augmentation System
SBS Space Based System
SC Steering Committee
SCM Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
SIS Signal in Space
SOL Safety of Life signal
SOLAS Safety of Lives at Sea, IMO legislation on safety matters
SP Service Provider
SPS Standard Positioning Service
SV Satellite Vehicle

TACAN Tactical Air Navigation System
TAI International Atomic Time
TBT Technical Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TETRA Terrestrial Trunked Radio
TDOA Time Difference of Arrival of an event in a signal
TDOP Time Dilution of Precision
TOA Time Of Arrival of an event in a signal
TRIPS Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property rights agreement
TTA Time-to-Alarm, also Time To Aquisition
TSE Total System Error

UHF Ultra High Frequency
UMTS Universal Mobile Telephone Service
UT Universal Time
UTC Co-ordinated Universal Time

VAS Value Added Services  
VDOP Vertical Dilution of Precision  
VDR Voyage Date Recorder
VHF Very High Frequency  
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Range System  
VTE Vessel Technical Error
VTMIS Vessel Traffic Management and Information System  
VTS Vessel Traffic Services

WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System developed by the Government of the USA
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
W-CDMA Wide Band - Code Division Multiple Access
WEU Western European Union
WGS-84 World Geodetic Systems
WRC World Radio Conference of the ITU
WTO World Trade Organisation
WWRNS World Wide Radio Navigation System

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